Teaser Tuesday : WIDE OPEN

         There wasn't a day that went by that my heart didn't question every move, every decision, every puzzle piece put in place by my actions. I could feel the beauty's eyes on me. I couldn't help but look over and get my final look before walking out of this place and never coming back, but when I turned, she was gone.
         I felt her loss like a shot through my skull.
         I actually felt something. That hadn't happened with anything or anyone in years. My eyes searched the room for her and came up empty. I sighed and swallowed hard--my revelation, a fresh wound that ached in both bad and good ways. It wasn't the girl I looked for, really, it was the feeling the girl had produced in me.
         I turned and had to reach out and grip the upper arms of the girl who had been entirely too close for proper etiquette to keep her from falling.
         The beauty.
         When her mouth opened, her voice skated over my skin, making every vein and muscle perk up to attention.
         "Hey, it's not even started and you're leaving? You're new, right?" she asked, though I could tell she knew the answer already.
         "I was leaving," I answered truthfully, "but honestly, I think…I've found a reason to stay." My tone and the way my eyes bore into hers left nothing to the imagination that I was absolutely flirting with her. It shocked the hell out of me that I got so enjoyment out of it. And I enjoyed the blush that crept up into her cheeks very much.
         She smiled a little in allowance. "I would think you would have a better reason to stay."

         I felt my lips lift. "Mmm, right now? I don't think so."

December 2013

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