He turned me and took my face in his hands before kissing all the good sense out of me. I clung to his shirt as his arms pulled around me, hauling me into the arms that seemed to always be there lately, always be ready to catch me. My arms moved on their own up around his head until all of me and all of him were touching as he kissed me gently. He leaned back just enough to speak, shaking his head. "This is what not going anywhere looks like." He kissed the end of my nose. "Get used to it, sweetheart."
My chest shook with a silent sob. He pulled my chin up and kissed my trembling mouth just as the door swung open. 
"You don't have to do that outside like a couple of teenage delinquents. I am not Mom and Dad." 
I looked over at Will and let my glare loose. "What the hell are you doing off the couch?"
"I'm older than you, warden. I'm the boss." He slapped Milo's upper arm. "Now come on. Bring my sister inside and make out in the house like a real man. Wait." He made a gagging noise. "That sounded weird."

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