TOP 10 Books of 2013!!!

TOP 10 Books of 2013!!!

It's over. 2013 is over.


Can't believe it.
So many awesome books came out this year and here are the ones that were my favorite! If you want to read my reviews on them, my list of all-time Best Books is HERE. You can search them out. The purchase links are below the books.
You won't regret it! 

As always, 2013 may not have been when the book was written, only when I read it.

If you know me you know I love books that are uber romantic, lots of lovey-sweet stuff, real couples, and fantastical worlds. 

Dive in!

1. Under Different Stars
by amy bartol

2. Star Struck
by amber garza
Star Struck

3. Striking
by rachel higginson & lila felix
Striking (Forged in Fire, #1)

4. Love Realized
by melanie codina
Love Realized (Real Love, #1)

5. Unmaking Hunter Kennedy
by anne eliot
Unmaking Hunter Kennedy

6. Bet in the Dark
by rachel higginson
Bet in the Dark

7. Caught in a Jam
by lila felix
Caught In A Jam (Love and Skate, #4)

8. Twisted
by amity hope

9. The Bet
by rachel van dyken
The Bet

10. Cheyenne
by lisa wiedmeier
Cheyenne (Timeless, #1)

hope know you'll enjoy these books as much as I did! Looking forward to so many books in 2014.


Best wishes and happy endings
Shelly Crane

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