Consequence - A Significance Teaser Tuesday

The councilman on the end was asleep, his head leaned back on the chair with his mouth open slightly. He was dreaming about Christmas morning with his grandkids. They opened the train whistles that he handmade, whittled by his hands, and drove the entire house crazy with whistle sounds. But he was so proud.

Rodney tugged on the ends of my hair. "Do it, Mommy." He giggled before I'd even had a chance to do anything, the image of what he wanted playing through his mind. "Do it, please," he begged in a high-pitched whisper.

I smiled down at him and leaned in conspiratorially. We looked at the councilman as I flicked my finger up. The man's hair piece lifted from the front of his head just a little. I let it fall and then lifted it again. Rodney giggled so hard into his hands as I continued to dislodge the poor man's toupee a few more times really fast.

"Visionary," Paulo said wryly. I cut my eyes to him and smiled crookedly, a silent question there. "Are you…finished? If we signed these papers, we can be on our way and the luncheon can begin."

"We're almost done," I spouted back regally and went back to show Rodney once more. "Ok. We're done now. Go find Daddy, sport."

"Right here. That didn't take long, did it?" I heard from behind me right before warm hands crashed into my hips. His lips moved to my ear and my lips parted as his calm shot through my veins and he whispered, "I couldn't stand it another second without you."

Even in the room with other people, I leaned back into his arms. "Caleb," I said thankfully.

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