TEASER TUESDAY : Consequence, a SIGNIFICANCE novella

- Coming Valentine's Day

He pushed away from the doorframe and came to me, kneeling down and putting my foot on his thigh to finish tying my boot. "Remember the vision you had of us fighting side by side together?" I nodded. He gulped and pulled my laces tight before kneeling up and pushing my knees apart. "So, no, I won't forbid you to go. But please, Maggie, let me protect you. Stay with me, stay connected to me, and listen to me. If I ask you to run or move, don't think. Just do it. I'm keeping you safe, not ordering you around."
I pushed my fingers through his hair, one hand and then the other as I rubbed his head and tugged gently on his hair. He closed his eyes and leaned in, letting his arms circled my waist as he pressed his cheek to my chest.
"I know you need to keep me safe," I told him, my lips in his hair. "I want you to. We're a team. I can't do this at all if you can't be right there with me. You’re the key, remember?"
He sighed and lifted his head. His hands gripped my legs and he tugged me to the edge of the bed to be flush against him. His blue eyes were so heavy and weighted down with everything that was on his mind. I rubbed my thumb over where his dimple should be. It seemed like forever since I’d seen it and it may be an eternity before I would see it again if this kept up.
“Hey.” He lifted my chin, a ghost of a smile there on his sad lips that he was pushing so hard, just for my benefit. “I have a lot to be happy about. They aren't taking anything away from me today. Do you hear me?” I smiled. “Mrs. Jacobson?” he prompted.
I fingered his dimple again. “Yes, Champion. I hear you.”

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