They are in VERY beginning stages of the process. It was optioned for a movie and casting had begun and everything, but circumstances made us take a new look at this opportunity and they decided a TV series would better suit the series. I'm THRILLED with their decision. Filming for the actual series hasn't started yet. So they have no idea when the pilot will be released. They still have a lot of work to do. When it was re-optioned for TV they basically had to start over, so bear with us.
Updates will come as soon as they know things, just make sure you're following their Facebook and Twitter pages to get all the info from them until they get everything updated. :)

So far, Jeremy Sumpter (Peter Pan) has been cast as Caleb
Michael Welch (Twilight) has been cast as Marcus. The IMDB page is HERE.
For info on how YOU can help to get the project moving even faster, info is HERE since so many projects have had success with Kickstarter and Indiegogo, the producers wanted to see if the readers wanted to try to scoot the process along and self fund just the pilot episode instead of waiting for the studio, because they've put us further down on their list while they finish up their other projects. We don't want to wait! So help us get their faster. Either way, we pitch the pilot to the same people, we would just rather do it this year instead of next year. 

So come and help us get this thing going full speed ahead!

Mwah, mwah!
Best wishes and happy endings,
Shelly Crane

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