Teaser Tuesday : Altered, A Devoured Novella

“Fay,” I said, but it was more of a growl. She smiled, but it was so genuine and willing it made my chest ache. “Fay, don’t. It’s just an illusion to trick you, to make you trust us and believe that you’re safe when you’re anything but.”
I went to scoot her up, but she gripped tighter to my shoulders. “I’m sure that most Devourers are that way. And I’m sure you used to be that way. You told me so. You’ve told me the truth the entire time, not even sparing my feeling,” she scoffed. “When someone wants to change or goes through something that makes them different…it doesn’t matter what they were, it only matters what they want to be.”
I let my thumbs caress her cheeks and balked at that revelation. “It can’t really be that simple to humans, can it?”
“Why not?”
“Because the rest of the world is anything but.”
Releasing April 29th

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