TEASER TUESDAY : Altered, a Devoured novella

Enoch sighed and pushed me back even further as he turned to face them again. 
“Do you trust me?” he asked in a low voice as he pushed harder and faster.
“Yes,” I answered without hesitation.
“Hold on tight to me.”
In a second before I could think of what he was doing, he snatched me against his chest and sent us sailing over the dock’s edge into the water. I could hear cursing and yelling, even some loud bangs that had to be gunshots, but I just held on tight.
A deep voice boomed, “Don’t shoot! We need her alive!”
We landed in the freezing water and he pulled me under farther and farther. We swam hard toward the opposite dock. If we surfaced before we made the cover of it, they’d kill us for sure.
       The deeper and farther we got, the more I needed to a breath. I started to panic and began to fight him. He didn’t understand that I couldn’t breathe like him, that I needed air more often—and then his lips were on mine.
April 30th!

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