Seth & Ava - Watsons

Hey, guys! 
So I feel like I need to address the Seth and Ava "Watson" issue. I've gotten quite a few emails and messages, some of them kind of not nice, lol, about how could I let such a huge plot hole happen. They're kin, they'll both be Watsons, it'll be incest, etc. If you've read CONSEQUENCE, the novella that released a couple months ago, you'll see how that's not true and all is well. And you'll get a 2 chapter sneak of the new Significance book that I'm working on right now, Undeniably Chosen. It's coming out next up on the line-up in the fall. 
So...thanks for worrying about the series. I was pretty shocked at how many of you sent me messages actually about this, but I promise it was part of my plan all along.

The cover reveal is coming up on June 23rd and lots of stuff coming up, starting in a couple days for my anniversary with TONS of giveaways, so stay tuned. 


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