3 Year Anniversary BLAST!


It's been three years.
Did you hear me? June 15th, I said it'll be three years since I published my very first book!!
I am so in awe, still, that I can look back and this is my life. I never imagined that anything would come of it. I took Significanceand Collide and ran with them. I had been turned down 27 times and thought that meant I wasn’t good enough. But I thought, hey, they’re just sitting here, I should do something with them. What could it hurt? If no one buys them, I’ll just tuck my tail between my legs and go back to my life that I already love and things will be back to normal. So I did it, on my wedding anniversary, because my husband wasn’t able to be home - he was traveling with his job and gone to Chicago for a few weeks – so to keep me from missing him I decided to keep myself busy all night. I published my books on my wedding anniversary.
And then I waited.
I continued to be a stay-at-home-mom and was shocked when 5 people bought my book the next day. I called my husband, freaking out. Then the next week, 50 people bought. Then the next week, 100 people bought it. By the next week, 2000 people had bought it. By the next end of the month, over 20,000 people had bought Significance.
Color me floored.
So I got busy with more books. Thus began the journey. Now, I have 19 books under my belt and working on number 20 with the new Significance book that will release in the fall, Undeniably Chosen. My happiest decision was deciding to return to the Significance series, and when I sat down to write it, it flowed so easily. I knew I’d made the right decision. Ava and Seth bugged me all the while I finished Altered and Wide Open so I'm happy to dive in and hand them over to you soon. AND I’ll answer all your questions about the series soon. I know you have many and I’ll answer them as soon as I can.
I have so much to celebrate right now and I want you guys to help me do it.

-My 3 year publishing anniversary-
-My site hit 1 MILLION hits (wow)-
(And, as I said, my 13 year wedding anniversary to the best man on the planet, Axel)

So what are we doing to celebrate?
Well I’m going to give you everything but the kitchen sink!!
This giveaway is MASSIVE. I’ve been stockpiling for it all year. It’s going to be a sharing giveaway where the more you share, the more opportunities you have to win. I wouldn’t be here without you. I heart you all to little bitty bits and pieces. You’re amazing, you’re the reason I do this.
Now, here’s what you’ll be winning. I tried to round it out and give you a taste of all of my series. I’m spreading it out and each prize will be given to a different person. So, one person will get a signed book, one gets a giftcard, one gets a mug, etc.

-       $50 digital Amazon or B&N giftcard (your choice)
-       3 $10 physical Amazon Giftcards to 3 people
-       Signed Significance paperback
-       Signed Significance Collectors Movie Edition, previous cover
-       Signed Collide Paperback
-       Signed Devour Previous Cover
-       Signed Smash Into You Paperback
-       Signed Reverence by Caleb and me Paperback
-       Infinity Bracelet
-       Wide Open Audiobook (I know you aren’t supposed to choose between your books because they’re like your kids and all, but this book was my absolute favorite of my books, ever. I’ve gone back to this book several times, which all authors do, but Milo and Maya just grabbed onto me for some reason. I can’t even really say why, but anytime I have someone ask me which book they should read, I want to say this one! JThis may not be the one I actually suggest in the end, but this is my gut reaction because this—I have a feeling—will always be my favorite book of mine.)
-       Significance Mug
-       3 Significance Rubber Bracelets to 3 people
-       Signed Wide Open Totebag
-       Significance t-shirt
-       Signed Book Boys Postcard & Bookmark Set
-       3 Significance Paperback Page Bottlecap Necklaces to 3 people
-       Caleb’s Girl Totebag
-       Notebook Because you are my significant…”
-       Pillow “I chose you, you chose me. End of Story.”
-       2 Caleb’s Girl Trucker Hats to 2 people
-       Handbag\Coin purse “I chose you, you chose me.”
-       3 Signed Posters to 3 people: Significance, Smash Into You,  and Wide Awake
-       3 of any eBook of mine you’d like that you haven’t read to 3 people. If you’ve read them all, I’ll either gift you one of my favorites or put you on the list for an ARC for the new Significance book, Undeniably Chosen, for when it’s finished in the fall.

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Best wishes and many, many more happy endings,
Shelly Crane

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