I can't make it to Penned Con.

If you've been talking to me at all or been at my house, then you know how excited I've been to go to Penned Con. I ordered TONS of swag and books. (6 boxes to be exact) I was supposed to leave tomorrow to be on my way, but unfortunately, it's just not in the cards for me. 

I know most of you know I have some health "stuff" going on. I told you about some of it a while back here. It's been going on for a while, and I've been back and forth to Mayo Clinic so much we do head nods to each other in the hall, (not really) but things aren't exactly getting "easier". It comes and goes. So I waited to see if I would feel better and HATE it that I don't. I'm so sorry. I informed Amy and Rick with Penned Con that I wasn't able to make it and they were understanding, but I'm very upset about it. 

So please, accept my apology for not being there. I'm so sorry. I hope to see you at another event soon. On my site up in the tabs is a place where you can request free signed bookmarks and signed bookplates (stickers you place on the inside flap) for your paperbacks. I always have those available. 

I was supposed to be sharing a table with Amy Bartol so tell her I'm missing her when you stop by. I know she won't be lonely because her table is always swarming with readers. 

I heart you guys to bits and thank you for understanding. 
I'm so sorry that I can't turn it on and off at will. I wish I could. 

Shelly Crane

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