Significance TV Show Sizzle Reel Sneak!!

Significance TV Show Sizzle Reel Sneak!!


Significance the TV Show has shared a first look (sizzle reel) which is some footage taken when you pitch your show. And they're showing a couple of those scenes to you!! This is a flashback scene from the first Virtuoso. And some shots of the new cast! Now, number one is, no, I do not have any control over and reign over the producers and this production. lol Authors do not ever. I'm not sure why some people think that, 

This is the production team's baby. The director told me once that I birthed Significance and now she was taking it to College. And what an apt statement! Now, when they re-optioned this for TV instead of a movie, the director and producers told me I was going to get more of the story with TV option, which I was SO excited about! They had to cut a lot of the story from the movie script because it's such a big book. But with the TV episodes option, it's going to be spread out over the episodes. Obviously, they can't just follow the books exactly word for word, storyline for storyline, no matter how much we would love that!!! So, as with any book-to-tv series there are changes. I have read the script for the pilot episode. They have the series following along with my books, but taking some turns, too. It will be things from my books and then sprinkles of things added in. 

For TV, they spruced and spiced up some of the powers a little to make it more dramatic. At the very end of this clip is something you'll see with Beck. My jaw dropped when I read the script. I was so angry!! lol And then I finished reading and all was put right in the world. So...don't worry. Yes, things have to be a little different, but YES, things will be same, too. So I want you guys to remember that throughout this process. And YES, there are very good things coming our way in the weeks to come. 

So cross your fingers and toes that it all works out and we get to see Maggie and Caleb on our TVs very soon!! ‪#‎SignificanceSeries‬

P.S. If you haven't liked the Significance Series TV Page yet, you should because that's where you'll get all the updates as they come in!!
Without further ado!

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