Teaser Tuesday - Undeniably Chosen : a Significance novel

I looked over at her. She raised an eyebrow and quirked her lip. “Waiting, miss I don’t date yet I just jumped out mister hottie’s truck.”
I snorted. “He’s…”
“Oh, boy!” she squealed and tugged me further along with her arm in mine. “You’ve got it bad!”
“What,” I said breathlessly.
“That dot, dot, dot that was implied just now means you’ve got it bad. I am so glad that you decided to take the chastity belt off—”
“Whoa!” I glared at her. “Nobody is debelting.”
That eyebrow got back to work. “Where did you meet?”
“The coffee shop. I was late, he was early.” I couldn’t help but smile remembering that conversation.
“And he drove you to school. In his truck. That he owns. And I bet he doesn’t live with his parents either.” I shook my head. “Have you been on a date yet?”
“No. And before you start all your matchmaking crap, we’re taking things slow. Like lava slow. There’s some things that need to be worked out—family stuff.”
She rolled her eyes. “Where does hottie work?”
I sighed, knowing what was coming. “He’s…a fireman.”

Her mouth opened a full fifteen seconds before words escaped. “You’re killing me, Smalls!”

There is no release date.
I'll keep you posted!

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