Teaser Tuesday: Undeniably Chosen, a Significance novel

Teaser Tuesday: Undeniably Chosen, a Significance novel

There is no release date.
I am working every day on this book, as I can. 
I promise as soon as I can give you a date I will :)

I'll be doing a video update with a teaser sometime this week to update you guys on what's going on with the book and me, the TV show, and all that good stuff, SO, if you have a question, post it below or send me an email. I have a few that you've sent me already from the last Q&A video I did and I will be answering those. 

Thank you guys! I know it's frustrating to wait for a book. It's frustrating for me, too :) I wish I could fork it over tomorrow. I really do. 

And remember, if you're new to me or the Significance series that the first book is FREE. HERE are all the links! 

Best wishes and happy endings,

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