Release date is almost upon us!!

Release date is almost upon us!!

Okay, drum roll..... The release date for UNDENIABLY CHOSEN, a Significance book is...............Dec 31st, 2021!!!!!

Just kidding. Though I totally could, you know. March 31, 2015.
6 weeks. I'm not done, but I'm SO close. The book will be topping out at around 130K. So it's a whopper of a beastly book. You'll definitely be getting bang for your buck. I'll have the pre-order links sometime this coming week. Happy Valentine's Day! I'm going back to my flu bed where I'll be spending mine.

Mark your calendars. 6 weeks. Seth and Ava will be in your hands!
#Finally #ImSoExcited #GetMyButtInGear #NoTimeForTheFlu

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