Please share this post if nothing else and don't want to take me up on my offer. 
I'm still running the deal to anyone that donates to Tessa and Stephanie's MS Walk, that I'll give you any eBook of mine that's been released that you want for FREE, even Undeniably Chosen. Just send me the email receipt that shows where you donated ANY AMOUNT to the walk and I'll send you any eBook of mine you want. (But, come on, don't cheat) If you donate $40 or more, I'll give you any paperback of mine you want, with free shipping for the US. For International, just pay the shipping. ‪#‎WinWinWin‬ They only have days left to collect money. PLEASE, guys.  


And if you're looking for charities that are reputable and have been checked out thoroughly to make sure all the monies are going to the proper places, up at the My Charities tab, are a list of charities that I have done just that. I donate to these charities every month and they are good 'uns.

Best wishes and a giving, gracious spirit,

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