Teaser Tues...Wednesday : THE OTHER SIDE OF GRAVITY

Teaser Tues...Wednesday : THE OTHER SIDE OF GRAVITY

        “It’s Sophelia, Mum,” Maxton said. He sounded exasperated.
        “How do you know I wasn’t talking to your behind?” she spouted back and I couldn’t hold in my snort.
        She swung her gaze back to me and her lips tilted just a bit.
        Maxton chuckled, still sounding exasperated. Tired even. “Okay, Mum. You can child me all you want to.” He moved around me and leaned in to kiss her cheek. She seemed older, like she had him when she was an older lady. “I missed you,” he said low.
        “God knows I’ve missed you, boy.” She gave him the look only someone who knew everything that was at stake would give. “And now this girl has brought you back to me.” She looked at me as Maxton leaned back. “Who has saved us all.” She whistled low. “You’re batting two for three.”
        “I—” How did she even hear us? “No.”
        “I don’t know you, why they want you, or how you came to be with my son.” With? I was sure my cheeks matched perfectly with my hair. “But I can guarantee you that it’s not a mistake and it’s not an accident. Nothing ever is. Everything happens for a reason. God put you in each other’s paths.”
        God. I felt my jaw tighten. It wasn’t out of anger, I was just keeping it together. “The same God of Earth? The same God my mother used to pray over food to?”
        She smiled a little, but it was barely enough to be called that. “I’m sure it is, Sophelia. Now, let’s get you some clothes that…fit, shall we?” I tried not to take offense at her tone and the obvious implication. “And then we can sit on down for some supper.”
        I looked down at myself. “Um.”
        Maxton coughed and turned to face me slightly. “Ex-nay on the argue-ay.” He coughed again.
        I smiled despite it all. “Oh, you all of sudden speak Latin? We could have been speaking in code this whole time?”
        “I’ll remember to break it out the next time we need it.” I saw his chest shake with a silent laugh as he winked before turning back to his mother. 

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