Significance TV Show UPDATE

This is a sad day for me as the author of an amazing book series. A book series that was optioned for movie and then TV, was cast and associated with some amazing, incredible people, and was on its way to becoming something far greater than it was.

I, and potential director of the film or TV series (Emily Gosset "Sky") would like to express publicly why the project has been canceled due to circumstances beyond our control.

After years of hard work adapting the books into film and then TV, last year Significance finally had a break. Significance had an amazing investor. Unfortunately, ever since Supercon last June, there have been some issues with a producer on the TV show. There was an altercation there that was witnessed by several people attached to the show, and she left the production. After several attempts to talk it out and make it right from the co-producer's side and her team, Emily Gossett (Sky), that producer refused to discuss anything other than the complete shutting down of the production or a payout that was a completely ridiculous amount, for which all of this is documented. Attempts were made by me also to smooth things over and see if other alternatives could be reached. Eventually, those interactions with that producer became just as hostile when she didn't hear what she wanted and I eventually had to block her on my phone and social medias to stop the constant interactions. These are also documented. Emily and I did NOT sign a new contract without that producer because there was no legal grounds to at the time.

During the past 10 months we did everything we could, explored every option to move on, but there was no way to continue forward. All production companies associated have been dissolved as far as I know. If you noticed, there has been very little, if nothing at all, posted about the TV show by me in the past months. And this is the reason for this. Waiting.

Since then, that producer has posted slanderous comments about me personally and professionally, my series and books, my readers and fans, Emily, the cast, and the show. She has been posting screenshots of only half conversations, and now it appears is attempting to start a suit against me and Emily for the IndieGoGo campaign that was her idea, stating that the money wasn't used for the trailer. The trailer can be seen here at this link: (all funds went directly to this trailer I'm told). She has also been sharing a site that claims I faked my tumor and health issues so I didn't have to finish my books and could go party with my author friends, that I myself stole money from the IndieGoGo campaign to go shopping (to which I had no access to funds), that the entire production was a fraud and scheme, that it was all Emily and me, that Emily and I signed a new contract illegally behind her back, all of which is ABSOLUTELY untrue. The truth is that many people had the best intentions to make Significance into a TV series and took leaps and bounds to make it happen. I wanted this for you most of all. I won't even address the tumor further because that is absolutely ridiculous for a grown person to say that someone else is faking illnesses when they've seen them struggling.

It saddens me to inform you that one producer stopped the production. We no longer wanted her involved due to her behavior of which many of you have now witnessed yourself online, and the changes she wanted to make to the series that did not line up with the Significance way.

We've been silent on this because we didn't think it was a good idea to get the fans involved, we didn't think it was a good idea to give her more of a voice. We hoped she would stop after we involved the police and lawyers. We also hoped to be able to clear ourselves of her and still make the show. However that proved impossible. And this team has been doing everything to move around the negative that has surrounded this project.

It's really unfortunate that one person can destroy all the hard work of others, that the production couldn't move forward because of this, but we just wanted to clear the air and once and for all let you all know that anything you might have heard about the people that are attached to this show or myself are untrue. We are so sorry that the show can't go on and SO SORRY that it ended THIS way. Show productions start and end without happening. That's not uncommon. It was an amazing experience. But for it to end on such a note saddens us greatly. Saddens ME greatly. Emily, the cast, and I I have done nothing but love this project, work extremely hard, and try to overcome the obstacles to make it happen for you. I'm SO terribly sorry that I could not.

We love you all and pushed so hard for this.

I fought for you, the readers, the fans, to have the series you deserved. I fought for Significance. And in the end, if it couldn't be the series it needed to be because of someone who wanted to bring it down? Then the plug needed to be pulled. Thank you all so much for your love. You'll NEVER know how much it means to me.


As always. Best wishes and happy endings,
Shelly Crane

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