Teaser Tuesday : Undeniably Fated

Teaser Tuesday : Undeniably Fated

Teaser Tuesday : Undeniably Fated
a Significance novel

“Dude,” I hissed in offense. “Seth, that was so wrong.”
“Sorry. But it was half-true, what I said.”
I rolled my eyes. “Which half, the horrible half or the terrible one?”
He quirked a barely-there smile. “She did choose you. And you chose her. That’s how we find each other. Your soul recognized hers. It’s not some unknown force choosing people for us. We’re not just stuck with the consequences and somehow always wind up happy in the end. She chose you, Landon.”
I shook my head. “Why on God’s green earth would that gorgeous creature have chosen me?”
He made a “pfft” sound and shrugged as he scratched his jaw. “Beats me, man. I wouldn’t date you.”

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