Teaser Tuesday : Undeniably Fated #CalebsFeelski

Teaser Tuesday : Undeniably Fated #CalebsFeelski

Teaser Tuesday
Undeniably Fated

The guy who I could only assume was Maggie’s—yep, he was her husband, unless some other person in this family was going for a sly backside feelski, and if that was true, I was coming in to a family with more “problems” than just keeping their secret superhero identities.

Her husband said, “If you have a sarcastic mind, you’re done for.” He grinned at me and then looked down at her, his face changing a little to reveal his affection for her. “She can’t hold back the giggles with the sarcasm. It does her in every time.”

She smacked his arm. “Don’t tell him all my secrets.” She looked at me and shook her head. “Besides, Caleb can hear everything, too, by default through me. And he has no room to talk. He’s the most sarcastic person in here and makes me snort in front of complete strangers on purpose.” The guy laughed loudly at that. “So…” She shrugged. “I’m sorry. We’re a very open family.” 

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