Undeniably Teaser Tuesday!

Undeniably Teaser Tuesday!

Undeniably Fated
a significance series novel

   “So the guy cut me off,” she said animatedly, “and then started yelling about how he was videoing me for his YouTube road rage channel!”
   “Okay,” I took her shoulders in my hands and turned her to me, “yikes. And yikes. But the point is that you still made it here on time. Yay!”
   She rolled her eyes. “There’s not always a silver lining. Sometimes things just suck.”
   I smiled and turned her toward the kids. “What a magical way to look at life, Katie. Now go change young impressionable lives.”
   I pushed her toward the kids waiting for their lesson to start in the far corner of Uncle Caleb’s Eastside center. She went with a sigh that could only come from a scorned teenage girl.
   It had been five months since the accident and I was driving again, working again, being me again. I no longer used a brace, but the little “wimp”, I had retained.
   Wimp stood for wimpy limp.
   Thanks, Uncle Kyle.
   He said my cute little limp was the wimpiest limp he’d ever seen. I knew he was just trying to make me feel better about it, but it worked all the same.
   “How you feelin’, Ember?”
   I looked up at Uncle Caleb as he came to my side. “I’m peachy.”
   “Mmhhmm,” he muttered. “I know a liar when I see one, sweetheart.”
   “That’s just because Aunt Mags is here.” I waved at her as she looked at me over the kids’ heads doing some computer game. “You stealing her ability doesn’t count, cheater.”
   “Oh, I think it probably does.”
   I gave him a sideline grin. “I’m…okay. What are you both doing on this side of town anyway? This is my jurisdiction.”
   “Making the rounds before we go to London.”
   My heart clinched painfully. For him. And Seth and Ava.
   “Yeah. Seth and Ava can take anything they throw at them.”
   He nodded, looking at the floor. “They have to.”

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