Our Weekend with Kabillion, a FREE Video-on-Demand Streaming Service for Kids!

Our Weekend with Kabillion, a FREE Video-on-Demand Streaming Service for Kids!

One of the goals of our long Labor Weekend was to check out a new network for kids called Kabillion! The holiday weekend always involves food, so we got our popcorn ready...

We made some party foods, like deviled eggs and chocolate-chip cookie bars...

Then we learned that our relaxing Labor Day weekend had turned into a Waiting for Hurricane Dorian weekend!

Fortunately for us in south Florida, we were spared the wrath of Dorian. (Please direct your prayers to those in the Bahamas.) Nevertheless, the school and work closures were extended, so we had even more time to enjoy good food and TV viewing.

So, here's what we found out about Kabillion! First, it's important to know that Kabillion is a FREE app on Roku, XUMO, Amazon Fire TV, and Apple TV. That means you can watch it anywhere that you can use the app. It's also available as a free service with most major cable providers, which makes it easy to view at home. As for me, I fired up my Roku and easily found the Kabillion app.

Once I got to the Kabillion screen, it was really easy to explore all of the wonderful family-friendly programs they offer. They even had sections labeled for the preschool set and those of school-age.

My boys are in their teens, but even they discovered shows they love, such as Pokemon, Yu-Gi-Oh, LEGO Ninjago, and Transformers.

And I recognized many programs for the little ones that I'm going to tell my moms-of-tots friends about, such as My Little Pony, Thomas and Friends, Bobby's World, and Dive Olly Dive!

Best of all, they're adding new programs to explore all the time, such as the new anime series, Future Card Buddyfight!

So, our Labor Day/Hurricane Dorian party turned into a relaxing afternoon exploring the fantastic shows on Kabillion. Parents will have peace of mind in knowing that the programs are child-appropriate. They will keep the kids and even anime-loving adults perpetually entertained. Even better, it's all FREE! Visit www.kabillion.com to learn more.

Disclosure: I received a complimentary "family-night" pack as a thank-you for sharing this terrific information with you.

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